What is Acu-Core?

Copious developed the Acu-Core implementation to help companies move from older, legacy systems to a new modern ERP system. Many companies know that modern cloud-based ERP systems today handle changing business needs and climates quickly and easily. This enables companies to be agile and adjust as the market adjusts. Unfortunately, many companies think that implementing a new ERP system is expensive, maybe too expensive.

Our Acu-Core implementation addresses those fears. It allows us to implement a fixed fee program that will address the core business processes. Our recommendation in any ERP implementation is to walk, run, Conquer the World. Using the Acu-core program, we address the walk phase of an implementation. We can always tweak the program to fit each customer’s needs, but the core processes are addressed.

Acu-Core has been developed with years of business and implementation experience. We want to help clients run and then conquer the world. It all starts with a good plan, a great partner, the best cloud based ERP on the market and trust!
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Core Business Processes

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Fixed Fee

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Clearly Define Outcome

Successful Implementation

Our founder as learned a few things
about ERP implementations over the past
20 years. See what he has to say.


Acu-Core is a Fixed Fee program which
allows the customer to realize a quick ROI by
transferring your operations onto Acumatica